Welcome to the online home of Diarmaid O Meara, Irish electronic music artist.

Irish electronic music artist, deep into intense but soulful, atmospheric but industrial, heavy but spaced techno. As an owner of the Gobsmacked label and club-night, Diarmaid has been promoting global artists large and small through releases and underground events since 2007. Also as the curator of the Audio Affair Broadcast series, which airs across over 20 global stations bi-weekly, his scope for discovering and promoting cutting edge unreleased techno is unrelenting.

His regular DJ sets of heavy, energetic sets across the planet showcase both newly released music from underground artists, and his own productions. Delivered using a gifted and precise mixing style of heavy cutting and quick blending, which creates a blur of constant track building akin to a multi hour crescendo of Detroit, melodic, break-beat and industrial style techno with a dark streak. A true stalwart of the European techno scene, with an unwavering dedication to the underground and the development of cutting edge electronic music.

On this site, you can find some recent news, free track downloads, and an up to date list of his Audio Affair Broadcast radio show. For a more complete overview of recent events, check out Diarmaid’s Facebook artist page.

10 hours ago

Ready for the noise

2 days ago

I had the pleasure of bringing these sounds to beautiful Bergen for the Norwegen national day, and performing to an audience of people wearing traditional dresswear waving miniature Norwegen flags. ... See more

5 days ago

Happy Norway Day! This venue is just classy enough for the raw Gobsmacked sound. Love to the DanceRat Promotion crew ♥️

1 week ago

The next Gobsmacked at Griessmuehle. This time with EUN Records, Abyssal Chaos, Misloop, Figu Ds, and a B2B from Millhouse Techno and I. Don't miss it - May 22nd - Event info here: bit.ly/GOB2205FB

2 weeks ago

Here´s Audio Affair 106. It´s raw, heavy, and featuring quite a bit of to date unreleased music. Check out the artists below if you like the music, as I´m only mixing the beats. ... See more

2 weeks ago

From my latest EP with Dorbachov (official) on Wunderblock
Soundcloud: bit.ly/orderfromchaosSC
Beatport: ow.ly/1Oej50sh7Xp

2 weeks ago

Getting some crazy noise out of the Octatrack feedbacking a Mother32 signal, and using the Octa fader to remove all other channels. Sounds very cool.

2 weeks ago

A little shot from our Mayday party. Great sunset vibes by the Berlin Wall!

2 weeks ago

Mayday boat party was epic as expected!
Thank you to everyone involved @ East Side Gallery

3 weeks ago

Mayday Boat Beats. I´ll be dropping a sunset techno modern classics set.

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